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At the Tog Hub, we make running a photography business EASY. 

Your key to a successful, sustainable and joyful business is right here and I can't wait to help you level up.

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  • No-nonsense business advice.
  • Plain English legal documents.
  • A community of likeminded women raising the bar.
  • Done-for-you admin solutions to save you hours, ease the mental load, and elevate your clients' experience.
  • In-person masterclasses to level up your business.
  • And more...

Here, in the Tog Hub you'll find everything you need to lay solid business foundations and level up.

What's it all about?


In-person masterclasses, world-class speakers, and Accelerated Small Group Mentoring.  Fluff-free business education to set strong foundations, and boost your bottom line. 


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Need a community?


The Tidy Tog can save you hours on every single client journey. Scalable systems
and mentoring to make your business a breeze and significantly reduce your mental load.

everything you need to run a successful, streamlined, and joyful photography business.

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Hate admin?  

A room full of likeminded photographers. Sharing knowledge, forming friendships, lifting each other up, and leaving with a spring in their step. 
Once a month, every month.

Key documents that every photographer needs to run a successful business.
Plain English contracts written by a photographer and a lawyer, tailored for your industry, and without the jargon.

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    - Hayley Louise Photography

    I’ve met so many amazing photographers at Club Tog and gone from knowing zero people in the industry to having what feels like an entire team supporting me! 

    "Club Tog has changed my business in the best way possible"

    - Kirsty Beaumont Photography

    Every other contract I’ve used has been filled with jargon that’s difficult to read. The Tog Docs one is super professional and does everything I need it to, whilst making sense.

    "Finally, a contract that’s easy for me (and my clients) to understand!"

    - Jess @littleimagery

    I am now converting more leads and feel confident in knowing exactly where I'm at with each lead and client journey. Thank you Stacey for helping me grow with my business!

    "The Tidy Tog was one of the best things I did for my business + mental health."

    DOn't just take my word for it...

    Oohs & Ahhs

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    Before turning my hobby into my job, I was a lawyer for 12 years.

    I don't miss it.  But I am grateful for so many of the admin and business skills I spent those years perfecting.

    I get a kick out of finding order in the chaos. I prioritise client experience over everything else. I have systems and automations in place for all the ''boring bits'' which save me hours every week. I love finding solutions, balancing risk, and working out the right answer for a specific client.
     I firmly believe there is no cookie cutter one-size-fits-all answer.

     It's all a balance, and I love helping people to find it.

    Whether you are just starting out and needing a roadmap to get legit, or you've been in business a while and feel overwhelmed by the admin side.

    I've got you.

    Let's figure this out together.

    full time photographer, mum of two,
    efficiency aficionado, and extroverted extrovert

    Hi, I'm Stacey