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- Em Golden Photography

The contracts are comprehensive, easy to read and can be edited to suit my specific needs. Implementing the Tog Hub contracts not only safeguards me and my business, it safeguards the experience for all parties. 

"Highly recommend"

- Hayley Louise Photography

It’s easy to read, understand, and tailor for my business. When my clients ask me questions about any terms in the contract I can answer with full confidence. 

"I’ve had many contracts, but none compare to these"

- Polly Jane Photography

It's such a relief to know there is an amazing photographer in the industry, that has all the legal experience you need to set up your business. I can't recommend Stacey enough. She is kind, genuine and so easy to work with. 

"Do yourself a favour and reach out"

DOn't just take my word for it...

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I was a lawyer for over a decade.

Photographers have been asking me to recommend a contract template for years. But I never found one that I liked enough.

So I created one...

plain english contracts

Yes, you need a contract. No, it doesn't need to be complicated.
Ours is easy to read and even comes with a guidance note.

real industry knowledge

Our contracts are prepared by a lawyer in collaboration with a full-time photographer who understands your industry. 
The perfect combination of legal protection and industry acumen, we even have additional specialist clauses for mini sessions, model calls, and births. 

tailored to your business in minutes

Our contracts are designed to allow you to tailor them to your business in minutes.  Your delivery timeframes, your cancellation policies, and your pricing.  They're pre-formatted and ready to upload to your CRM. 

photography essentials

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Ideal for families, newborns, maternity, studio + lifestyle

Portrait Contract

Ideal for weddings, christenings, birthdays, and more

Event Contract

Portraits + Events + Additional Clauses.  Our best value bundle

the complete bundle

Designed for commercial + product photographers

commercial Contract